e invite you to enjoy the splendor and sumptuousness of Jamaican chocolate tea.   For decades, Jamaicans have treasured this hot chocolate beverage, locally known as chocolate tea, for its creamy richness and exotic flavor.  The aroma and the taste are as Jamaican as the cocoa from which it came.  Whether alone or with some friends, indulge yourself:  Join us and experience the richness of our culture and heritage in a cup of pure Jamaican chocolate tea.

Let us spoil you as our grandmothers spoiled us.  Make it like our grandmas did, and experience the delight and the simple pleasure found in our tea and beverage.  Enjoy!


There are several varieties of cocoa.  Most common to Jamaica is the variety known as Criollo.  Criollo cocoa is the rarest and most expensive of the three types of cocoa, and is native to Central and South Americas, and the Caribbean Islands.   Most likely, it was introduced to Jamaica by the Spaniards, following the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs, who began growing cocoa beans on plantations using African slaves.  The chocolate drink itself was introduced in 1689 by Hans Sloane, an English physician and collector.

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